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Vivian Ip was born in Hong Kong and spent a number of years of her life in Canada. She was given the opportunity to know Jesus Christ during her pre-school years, loves God and believes that everything that has been granted to her (opportunities or challenges) comes from Him. Matters regarding children, adoption, parenting, roots tracing, bonding and attachment are some of her main areas of interest. Vivian is a registered social worker with a passion to provide sensitive, moral and vital information to help and nurture children and families. She and her work partners grasp at every opportunity to offer time and research in providing necessary life and family education, including sex education, for children, parents and professionals throughout Hong Kong and China.

Over the years, she has been very privileged and blessed in working closely with children of different backgrounds and diversities, as well as collaborating with their birth, foster and adoptive families. All of them have taught her so much through their interactions, experiences and journeys together. Her passionate dream to reciprocate their gifts to her is to do something special for them – writing and publishing these children’s publications.

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Vivian Ip

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