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My Belief


Every quality minute you spend with children – reading to them, learning with them, loving them and laughing with them while they are little and young, will be rewarded in abundance through their trust and communication with you during their adolescence and adulthood.

VIP Love Codes

Love Codes

I love children, our VIPs (Very Important People).  There are so many “Love Codes” which I would like to share with them through you, by reading my books to them.  “VIP Love Codes” are attitudes, manners, traits and virtues (AMTV) which would help our children to become people of even better character and conscience.  

Our Children, Our Future Generations


Every child is special.  Every family member is different.  Every family is unique.  However, no matter how special, different and unique everyone is, belonging to a healthy and happy family should be the best beginning of one’s lifelong journey.

The Qs


People talk a lot about IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and AQ (Adaptability Quotient).  Some are also talking about CQ (Curiosity Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient).  All of these are often important for leading and living a successful life.  However, without being a person of good character and conscience, which includes being compassionate and respectful to self and others, none of these quotients would mean much.  Many say that good character and conscience are essential components of our identity.  In fact, when we are people of good character and conscience, these quotients along with our self-identity and esteem – would be raised to even higher levels, and so would our level of happiness in life.

The E-Books


The creations of these “Special Words”, “I” and “Adoption” series were first initiated in 2013 when I was frequently asked by friends, parents and professionals on how they can explain certain ‘important and hard to teach’ words to their children.  Then I came to realize that these words sometimes pose a challenge because not only are they special words, they are often sensitive — words leading to subjects that may bring about personal beliefs, issues and upbringings;  family history, secrets and values or even societal views, differences and expectations which are often emotionally charged as well.  Over the years, I come across more “special words and titles” that also deserve “their own special book” so I will try to enrich these series as appropriate.

Guided Reading


These bilingual (English & Traditional Chinese) publications are not intended for children to read on their own.  They are meant to be “guided reading” – read to and with children by adult readers be it their parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, social workers, librarians, house parents, clinical and educational psychologists, therapists… anyone who is a role model and truly loving and caring to our VIPs – our children, our future generations.  The fun and pleasure of reading together with their consistent, significant grown-ups in life starting from an early age will formulate the tasks and habits of reading and studying much easier when they begin to acquire knowledge and skills in schools.  It takes adults of good character and conscience to teach and develop our children’s good character and conscience.  When our children are young, they look up to us and they follow us.  Whatever we do, they may learn to do.  Therefore, it is vital for us to nurture righteous, positive character qualities into our children’s minds, hearts and deeds starting early, before they start to go out on their own, without our supervision and guidance.  

Targeted Age Group

Targeted Age Group

The books you are about to view on this Website are intended for children from birth and up to 10 years old.  Some topics may be harder to grasp than others depending on the children’s levels of reading ability and understanding.  Thus, at the end of each book, there are reading tips with age-appropriate questions to help you.  Not every question may apply to you depending on the person, role and situation you are in at the time of reading to the child.  Please choose what is appropriate for your use.

Each book and its reading tips can be downloaded for free, as many times as you wish and for sharing with as many people as you like.  As a warm gesture for appreciating free access to the books, you are welcome to contact one or more of the charities listed here, and make a monetary donation of any amount you wish to.  These charities all touch the lives of children and families within our Hong Kong community.

My Blessings


May these books become gifts, tools and treasures for you and the children you reach.  May they provide opportunities for you to instill the knowledge and values you would like to pass onto them.  May the children enjoy these books and their time with you – someone who always have their best interests in mind and who will lovingly and patiently guide them through each book.  For this, I humbly thank you for walking together, to hopefully make an important and positive difference in the lives of our VIPs – our children, our future generations.

May all our children on earth grow to become happy, healthy and responsible children, adolescents and adults, and continue to shower their good character and conscience on people they come across.

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Should you have any questions, thoughts and suggestions (like making these books available in more languages) for us to continue with our work, kindly contact me at  I would sincerely appreciate hearing from you.

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