“I” Series

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I am Sorry-Cover
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I Am Sorry 對不起

“I am sorry” can be such difficult words even for adults. It is sometimes hard to admit that we have made a mistake or have caused people trouble. It is important to admit our wrongdoings and try not to repeat them. Most of the time, there are consequences that go with not saying these words or after saying these words. However, in almost all situations, the ability to say these words is better than not. We should also remember to never abuse the use of these words. When “I am sorry” are said too frequently, people will begin thinking that we never learn from our mistakes or lessons. Worse even, they might think we are not honest.

Let us teach our children about forgiveness and honesty. Ask them to be forgiving when someone makes a mistake. Let them know the importance of being honest about problems that they have caused, and the timely management of such.

I Love You-Cover
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I Love You 我愛你

“I love you” seems to be commonly said, but not everyone finds these words easy to verbalize and express. It is especially hard when we were never told how much we are loved when we were little ourselves. Expression of love can be quite different for each culture and country, but learning to understand what is love and how does it feel to be loved are universal, positive and healing.

Let us teach our children about kindness and lovingness. Love is kind. Kindness is love. Sharing with others is kind. Forgiving someone who offended us is kind. Comforting a sad friend is kind. Giving a hardworking friend a pat on the shoulder is kind support. Ask our children to be kind and loving children and practice being kind and loving.

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